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adventures along the way!

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14 February 1968
My name is Katie, I'm a teacher who travels extensively. I'm originally from Louisiana but moved to Los Angeles in 1997. I'm happily married, childfree, and have a wonderful spoiled cat, Imp (Siamese) and did have Pumblechook (black and white mix -- RIP March 2008). I've been all over England and Scotland, and went to Wales summer 2007. I've also been to Paris several times, and have taken daytrips to Chartres and Amiens. I am a huge fan of walking labyrinths; I'd love to walk and visit labyrinths worldwide. I've been to Rome, Venice and Florence in Italy, and also to Amsterdam. My dream is to lose 50-75 pounds and no longer be diabetic. Summer 2009 I may do lap-band or gastric bypass surgery. I want to visit every continent and every major city, and one day, be the little old lady who climbs the Himalayan mountains (and if I only get 100 or 1,000 feet up, that's okay too -- at least I will have tried!). I also like to walk, swim, daydream, read voraciously (usually 50+ books an academic year), scrapbook (traditional and digital), and download songs to my iPod.

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